Marquess, Ltd., as a company started in 1993 with focus on export business, while, Marquess, as a brand is a recognizance of design excellence. We are determined to continue our effort in search of higher quality under our name and the spirit of our brand. In 1997 we launched into local market, since then, it has been moving us leading the fashion design. Our customers of many in Taiwan’s Wedding industry love our product of quality and taste in fashion design. In 2006 we decided to go direct and moved into the world market using our leading edge design under brand “MARQUESS & HOMA”.
Our lead designer Homa has 36 years of experience in the industry. Moreover, she is one of the very few local designers who have the combined capability in design, , production. Her taste can be found in style simplicity and slandering fit! It is our pride that her design always leads the market by 2 to 3 years ahead. You can find the inkling of our teamwork from the uniqueness of styling in every and each of our work of art.

Marquess formally in business
The spirit of Marquess came from the quality taste of the royalties.


Into local Taiwan market with focus on high end customers of low volume, high design varieties.


In an effort to move the quality to a higher level, M.Y. Wu, a jewelry designer, joined our team using her hand made expertise in making metal accessories for the wedding gown.


Participated “Taipei In Style” fashion show hosted by.
Started exploring export market and working with Japanese customers.
Preparation phase of Marquess moving into direct marketing with its own brand after many years of persistent hardwork.
Teamed up with European manufacturers such as Euro display, Poly Form, Stage Display as their local dealer for show case window display product line. It brings new breeze into the Taiwan market.


Formal instruction of brand name Marquess & Home, in effort of moving Taiwan’s wedding gown design and production industry into the world market.

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